35mm Film

I started shooting film a couple months ago & have fallen in love with it. Learning to process and develop my own film as well as making my own prints has heavily influenced the way I think about creating imagery. 

Below are some of the photographs I've made over the past few months on 35mm film. 

Something always catches me and makes me stop when I see patches of light like this. These soft instances feel like memory and stopped time, the way the wind blows and the leaves scatter across the earth as everything falls into place. 

Where the Light Enters the Earth

All in one instant the snow begins to melt and green plants creep gently from the ground to become blossoms over the earth. The sky turns bluer than it's ever been and light dances across the grass in front of you before the leaves change color and scatter across the ground. Rain falls and turns to ice. The earth is covered once again in a blanket of white snow.

Home stays with you through all the seasons, unchanging in all of the fleeting and fickle ways of the planet.

It breaks your heart time after time but puts the pieces back together again and each time it bursts open it lets in refreshing and delicate wonders. It's the footsteps taken down well-worn paths and all of the new life that springs from the soil. It's found in the moments where you open your soul and let someone in. It's when you open your hands and stretch them out instead of clenching them into fists. Naked feet and tangled hair. Whispers and frozen hands. Harmony and kindness and warmth. it's honest and unfilitered. Raw and heartfelt. 

It doesn't have to be a physical place but it's found in the places where light enters the earth.

Meagan Lawlerfilm